Black Sheep Gathering - Day 2

Yesterday was a travel day. This was the first day of Black Sheep Gathering and it was a busy one.

Farm Club Sheep to Shawl team

It was Sheep to Shawl day. Alison had spear-headed the development of a Farm Club team. In less than two months the team got organized, spun the warp for the shawl, and had the loom ready to go.

Farm Club members at Black Sheep Gathering.

You couldn’t miss that Meridian Jacobs logo.

Sheep to Shawl team getting started.

It was a 9 a.m. start. The team had five hours to prepare the wool, spin and ply the weft yarn, and weave the shawl. Go Team!

Sheep to Shawl woven samples.

Samples that were woven to help plan the shawl. This is of course Jacob fiber and the colored yarns were dyed with plant material from the farm.

Farm Club sheep to shawl team

Alison also prepared this display about the Farm Club and the development of the shawl.

Jacob ram at Black Sheep Gathering

Back at the barn we were waiting for the Jacob sheep show. Axle didn’t seem to mind a bit of hay clinging to his face.

Skulls for sale

My neighboring Jacob breeder, Bide a wee Farm, displayed superbly prepared skulls among other Jacob products (which reminds me—that’s on my list to work on before Lambtown comes up).

Weaving at Sheep to Shawl contest

Back to the vendor hall to check on the Sheep to Shawl competition. I noticed this weaver for another team used a simple method of a paper and paperclip to help her keep track of her treadling order. It’s easy to get distracted when you are weaving in this situation.

Taking sheep to the show ring.

Back to the barn. Time for the show. Farm Club members, Brenda and Stephany, had offered to help, and Mary became the show photographer. (Thanks to her for all these sheep show photos.)

Ram lamb class

The first class was Yearling Ram (no photo here). Meridian Axle won that. This photo is our lambs in the Jacob Ram Lamb class. The guy on the left with the tail (Jasper) was first place and the other (Argon) was second.

Champion Ram class at Black Sheep Gathering

There were only three breeders represented in the Jacob show and one of them did not bring yearlings. It would have been nice to have more sheep there but I will still take bragging rights for the show. In the champion line up the first and second place winners of each class line up. So that is Axle who was first place yearling and the second place ram behind him (with a gorgeous horn set). Our first and second place ram lambs are in the second row. Axle was chosen Champion and Jasper was Reserve Champion.

Showing Jacob ewes at Black Sheep Gathering.

In the yearling ewe class our entries were first and third, but second place was also a Meridian ewe that was sold to the owner as a lamb last year.

Showing Jacob lambs at Black Sheep Gathering.

The ewe lamb class.

Young flock class at Black Sheep Gathering.

Young Flock entry—one ram lamb and two ewe lambs.

Champion Jacob ram.

Meridian Axle - Meridian Catalyst x Meridian Ava.

Reserve Champion Jacob ram

Meridian Jasper - Meridian Clark x Meridian Jade.

Champion Jacob ewe

Meridian Soprano - bide a wee Buster x Meridian Sonata.

Signs in sheep barn at Black Sheep Gathering
Sheep to Shawl team after shawl is finished

Back to the Sheep to Shawl competition. The team finished easily in the allotted time.

Handspun handwoven shawl

The shawl was gorgeous.

Judging sheep to shawl competition

Judging. The team placed third in a close placing (all in the 90’s and only 1 point away from second place).

Farm Club sheep to shawl team.

This was unveiled as Alison wove. This was the paper used to wind the warp layers on the loom. Brilliant!

Winning shawl at Black Sheep Gathering sheep to shawl contest

The winning shawl! Wouldn’t that look great in Jacob yarn?

Dinner at Black Sheep Gathering.

A well earned meal with all our California friends at the end of the day.