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A field trip to the farm can be a fun and rewarding educational experience for your Scout, 4-H, or school group, for a birthday or other family gathering, or for a group of knitters. We will personalize your Field Trip to best meet the interest of your group. Contact us by e-mail or phone 707-688-3493.


  • Visit with sheep. Learn about Jacob sheep and sheep management. Discuss animal handling techniques. Lots of time for questions. Hand-feed sheep. Sheep to pet.

  • Meet our two friendly goats.

  • Wool. Learn how to skirt a fleece. Feel greasy and clean wool. Discuss wool characteristics and how to choose a fleece to spin. Discuss how sheep and pasture management determines fleece quality. 

  • Sheep dog demonstration. Watch our Border collies, Rusty and/or Ginny, work sheep. Learn the role of a herding dog versus a guardian dog. 

  • Chickens. Pet a chicken. Very small groups may be able to go in the chicken house and check for eggs (no eggs in the winter months). 

  • Pasture walk. (Depends on season.) Look at pasture plants. Discuss grazing principles including grazing intensive management). Demonstrate fencing & water systems.


  • Spinning. Watch how fiber is carded and then spun into yarn. Children may take home a bit of fiber or a piece of handspun yarn. 

  • Weaving: Watch weaving on a small loom. Depending on ages and size of group, children may be able to weave a small amount. Small groups (or larger groups split up) will be able to see a demonstration on the larger looms if they are warped (set up for weaving). Sale items. See handwoven items, yarn, fiber, sheepskins, buttons, etc for sale. 


  • Camera

  • Water

  • Snacks

  • Hand-wipes. (There are hand-wipes in the porta-potty, but you may want your own if you have brought food.)

  • Appropriate clothing. We are outside and it may be hot or cold or windy. Wear layers. Wear a knit hat for cold weather, a cap or visor for sunny days.

  • Shoes that can get dirty. There are no sidewalks. If it has been raining there will be puddles and wet dirt.


  • This is a working farm. There are hazards. Children must stay with adult chaperones at all times. No one may wander away from the group (other than to use the porta-potty—an adult to accompany children).

  • Animals are given respect at all times. No yelling, poking, chasing, etc.

  • There is a porta-potty unit near the driveway. Hand-wipes and hand sanitizer are provided. There is no running water there.


  • Contact Robin.

  • School groups, Scouts, family gatherings, etc: $5/person or minimum of $80 for a two hour field trip.