Wool Blanket

It is easy to care for your handwoven wool blanket. Just follow these steps (and read the warning below) to wash your blanket in your top-loading washing machine: 

1. Fill washing machine with lukewarm water. 
2. Add mild soap or detergent. I use Unicorn Fibre Wash. (Can purchase on the website soon) Turn machine OFF. 
3. Add blanket. Let the blanket soak for a few minutes and then gently swish it around a little. DO NOT AGITATE.
4. Turn dial to spin and spin out water. I spin just until most of the water is gone and then I stop the cycle to prevent creases from being spun into the blanket. Remove from washing machine.
5. To rinse, repeat steps 1 to 4 without adding detergent. 
6. Spread blanket out on a sheet or large towels to dry. 

You can use the same technique for washing in the sink or tub but you won't be able to spin out the water. Wet wool is heavy. It is helpful to put a piece of netting under the blanket to lift it out of the water and allow it to drain before further squeezing out water. 

WARNING To prevent felting (irreversible shrinking): 
Do not agitate. 
Do not run water directly on your blanket. 
Do not change water temperature drastically. 
Do not use the dryer.

Wool shawl or scarf

Read the instructions for washing a wool blanket. The same method works but if you are washing just a small piece you probably do not want to use the washing machine. Instead you can wash your scarf in the sink, letting the scarf drain in a colander between washing and rinsing. After the scarf is rinsed gently squeeze out water. Roll the scarf in a towel to absorb more water. Then spread the scarf on a dry towel or hang to dry. Pay attention to the felting precautions in the blanket instructions.