Black Sheep Gathering - Day 1

Black Sheep Gathering is one of my favorite events. It used to be held in Eugene, Oregon but moved last year to Albany. I hadn’t been there before so didn’t know what to expect in terms of the facility. In addition I would drive my new trailer—that means that I could take more sheep than I had been able to in the years when I just drove my pick-up with a box on top.

Sheep in the trailer ready to get on the road.

Even with more space it was a tight fit with six extra lambs who were going to new homes. That’s Axle on the right who got his own space.

Fire scar from 2018 California fires.

Alison rode with me and took these photos of some of the burn scars from last year’s fire north of Redding.

Fire damage from 2018 fire in California.

Dan and I had driven through this area while it was burning on our trip to Washington.

Roadside rest stop with friends.

Alison and I took a brief lunch stop at a rest stop between Weed and Yreka and met up with Reba and Doris there.

Mt. Shasta.

All along this stretch of highway you an see on of California’s most stunning landmarks. Mt. Shasta, at 14179 feet, rises 10,000 feet over the surrounding landscape.

Taking sheep into the fairgrounds.

It was about a 10-hour drive with the trailer and when we got to the fairgrounds we took up the offer of help to unload sheep. These volunteers are part of the Rhinestone Riders 4-H group and they were helping people unload sheep, move hay, etc.

Air B&B in Albany Oregon

Alison had organized a Farm Club Sheep-to-Shawl team (more about that in the next post) and found lodging for them through Air B&B. We all went there for dinner. This was a unique space—the 2nd story of an old building in downtown Albany. The lower level is a furniture store and when you enter the upper level you enter this huge space that has had a small kitchen and bathroom added. That dining table gives you a sense of the scale of this room.

Air B&B in Albany Oregon.

In the corner behind the curtain and upstairs there are beds. What a fun space (although only 1 bathroom for 6 women!).

Meridian Jacobs display in the sheep barn.

After dinner I went back to the fairgrounds to set up my Farm Display space. I mainly wanted to promote the new Cyber Fiber Farm Club.

Sheep in place at Black Sheep Gathering.

The sheep had settled down nicely.

Camping at Black Sheep Gathering

This was my lodging—that little yellow/tan tent near the barn—comfortable enough with my sheepskin underneath and sleeping bag and pillows.