Glisten. Verb: Shine, glitter. Noun: A sparkling light reflected from something wet.

Jacob sheep grazing

Finally a day with blue skies and no rain. But there was plenty of water. The pasture is waterlogged and the grass and clovers were covered with dew. Glisten was the word that came to mind.

Dandelion glistens with dew.

Old dandelions glistened.



Grass glistens with dew.

Grass glistened.

Grass with dew.
Nubian goat.

Ellie likes to think that she glistens.

BFL-cross lamb with sunlight shining through his ears.

This BFL-x lamb really does.

Glove in the pasture.

The glove does not glisten but I was glad to find it after carrying a net fence, my hat, some fence stakes, and the other glove into the barn.