Do you remember when I got goats? That is, the second round of goats—long after the dairy goats that Chris had for FFA.

Nubian goat kids

I got Amelia and Ellie almost a year ago.

Donkey and goats

They were to be companions for Amaryllis, the donkey who was limited to this pen because of chronic laminitis. She was euthanized a few weeks ago and it was time for the goats to assimilate into the sheep flock after having lived most of their lives here with Amaryllis.

Goats meet a sheep.

They had seen the rams over the fence from their pen and the sheep in the distance, but didn’t seem ready to make friends.

Sheep approaching goats.

I couldn’t get the goats to stay in the pasture with the sheep. That’s a gang of yearlings approaching.

Sheep investigating goat.

Another sheep approaches.

Nubian goat running.

Ellie running to catch up with me. This was about two weeks ago.

Goats running to barn.
Goats running to barn.

These photos were taken five days later. The goats still didn’t want to stay in the pasture. If I was walking back to the barn they ran after me and then went ahead.

Nubian goats running with ears flying.

Another walk to the pasture. This time they are running to follow me out.

Goats running to pasture.

Don’t you love the ears?

Nubian goats running to pasture.

Watching them run is amusing. The bellies sway and the ears fly.

Goats in pasture.

Success! This photo is from a few days ago. The goats were in the pasture with the sheep and then ran to meet me as I walked out.

Nubian goats eating clover.

They have figured out that the best food doesn’t always come from a feeder.

Goats eating fescue.

They even eat the grass (this one is fesuce) that the sheep don’t like.

Nubian goat, Amelia.