Today's Sheep Photos

I had my camera with me this morning when I did chores.

Jacob ram, Meridian Spark

Meridian Spark (Meridian Catalyst x Mud Ranch’s Foxglove).This is a yearling ram who is for sale this year. He is a full brother to Cayenne who is a year older.

Jacob ram, Meridian Cayenne

Meridian Cayenne. Both of those rams are lilac colored.

Ram caution sign.

This is my warning sign on the ram shed door with 4-horn Buster behind it, ready to demonstrate the meaning.

Jacob ewes and lambs running for the barn.

The sheep came running for the barn when I opened the south door.

Sheep jumping over mud.

It has become a muddy mess near the barn and the sheep try to avoid it. This is really nothing compared the mud and stagnant compost water in the back. They don’t have access to that area right now because I know that those lambs will run right through it before they realize that it is a lake right now.

Ewes jumping mud.

Jasmine showing her form.

jacob ewe jumping across a bucket.

Ruthie is the only yearling with lambs. She chose to jump on the upside down rubber barrel (that helps keep the lambs from going under the gate).

Jacob lamb jumping over barrel.

One of her lambs followed her over.

Meridian Dilly, Jacob ewe.

Back in the pasture for sheep portraits. Meridian Dilly (Meridian Catalyst x Meridian Honey).

Jacob ewe with twins.

Meridian Ruthie (Meridian Cayenne x Meridian Ruth), the yearling ewe with her twin rams. One is black and white and one is lilac.

BFL-X lambs

These are two of white triplets from Ears, my Jacob-BFL ewe. These are 75% BFL and their ears and heads show it.