Visiting Ohio - Days 3-1/2 to 4

After visiting a couple of museums and shopping at Lehman’s (in this post) I drove back to Wooster for the Jacob Sheep Breeders Annual meeting.

Jacob sheep at AGM

The barn was filling with sheep and people. It was an experience to see that many Jacob sheep from many breeders all in one place. It was also fun to put faces to names that I know from my many years as Registrar for the Jacob Sheep Breeders Association.

Jacob fleeces

The Friday night event was a fleece show.

Jacob sheep show

Saturday morning began with a sheep show. At most sheep shows there are only classes for lambs and yearlings. It was nice to see the Aged Ram class…

Jacob sheep show

…and Aged Ewe class.

Showing Jacob sheep

These kids are already pros at showmanship.

Jacob sheep show

JSBA President, Bob May, working with a well behaved lamb before entering the class.

Jacob sheep show

Inspector, Royal Unzicker, had a lamb that wasn’t quite so cooperative.

Costume class-Jacob sheep meeting

A costume class followed the sheep classes. I can’t remember the name of this one now but it had something to do with a lamb dinner.

Costume class -Jacob sheep breeders meeting

Another entry.

Costume class - Jacob sheep breeders

And the third that included a political statement.

Following the sheep show there were presentations in another building. Have I mentioned that during this visit Ohio was experiencing record-breaking heat?. I’m used to hot temperatures, but we don’t have the humidity that they do in other parts of the country. So attendees were glad to go into a building with A/C for the afternoon. There was a great presentation about parasite managment…

Round Barn Wool Mill talk

and another on preparing your fleeces to send to a wool mill by the owner of Round Barn Wool Mill.

Jacob sheep breeders AGM

We went back to the barn for an Inspector workshop. There were four of us inspectors there so we could proceed with inspections for sheep who were there and also answer questions for people who were watching.

Longhorn cattle

Sheep weren’t the only animals at the fairgrounds on that weekend. It just so happened that there was a regional Longhorn show in another building.

Jacob ram

I took photos of several sheep whose horns were impressive.

Jacob ram

Another two-horn ram.

Jacob ram

And another.

Jacob ewe

This is a ewe with an impressive horn set.


Sheep weren’t the only animals being traded at the show.

Jacob ram

Another nice ram, if a little light in color.

Jacob ewe

Another nice 4-horn ewe…

Jacob ewes

…and two more.

Jacob sheep AGM

The barn at the end of the day on Saturday. Lots of sheep and lots of sheep trading going on.