State Fair - 2019

OK, I’m skipping entirely over a 5 day trip to Ohio to write about State Fair which was a week ago now. Hopefully I’ll get back to the Ohio trip. This is a long post with a lot of photos but I promise you some cute grandkid photos if you stick with it.

State Fair pens before set up

Thanks to Farm Club member, Beth, who took this photo before we go to the fair. I never think to take a “before” picture. I had an email the night before our arrival date that the pen configuration was different—and not in a good way. After a few emails I eventually told the Barn Superivsor that if I was given my pens in a set-up with three or four back to-back (6 or 8 total) I wouldn’t even bother with my display. For years I have arranged it to suit a 6-pen line-up and I had been told I’d have the same spot. The amount of effort that we put into staffing this area throughout the fair just wouldn’t be worth it if the display couldn’t be set up to it’s maximum benefit. You have to realize that there is an award at stake here—a prestigious one. It turns out that a new Fire Marshall had required that the floor space be reconfigured but I ended up with an 8-pen run right in the main aisle. That was perfect and it also gave us a bit more airflow which became very important on this record heat weekend.

Setting up state fair sheep barn display.

Usually Farm Club helps me set up this display and it takes us about three hours to finish, but only Beth was here this year. However, my daughter was visiting so she and my husband came and the four of us (plus granddaughter Kirby, age 4, almost 5) put the display together within our normal time frame.

Sheep pens at California state fair.

Here are the sheep pens with our eight sheep.

Educational display at California State Fair.

We were given an additional two pens for display space and I can always fill a space.

Educational display at California State Fair.

That gave us plenty of room to spread out and make the display more inviting.

Sheep at california state fair.

Yearling ewe, Meridian Soprano.

Sheep pen at state fair.

It was a long day for a little girl.

Eating ice cream in the sheep pen at California State Fair.

Sitting in front of the fan with ice cream helped.

Spinners at California State Fair.

On Friday some of the Farm Club members came to spin.

Mohair booth at California State Fair.

Kathleen and Susan rocking out to Benny and the Jets at our favorite mohair farm’s display.

Warping a rigid heddle loom at the fair.

I spent some time working on a weaving idea for an article I’m going to write.

Rigid heddle weaving

I wove three scarves on the rigid heddle loom while I was there.

Washing sheep before the show at California State Fair.

Saturday was show day so we got the sheep cleaned up in the morning.

Old time bicycle at California State Fair

This cyclist rode through the barn several times and this time the spinning wheels caught his eye.

Leading sheep at california state fair

Kirby and family came around 1:00 to wait for the sheep show that afternoon. She practiced some more with her lamb, Belle.

Getting Jacob sheep ready for show.
Kids weaving at California State Fair.

Beth took this photo of Kirby trying out the loom.

Llama kisses at California state fair.

We walked around the barn and looked at the longhorn cattle and llamas.

Boy in wagon at State Fair.

Kirby’s little brother (2) was there too. Katie’s mother-in-law who lives nearby came to help with the kids. This was not the most convenient time to bring little kids to the fair—right at nap time and on a very hot day. It was a challenge—thanks to Sheryle for persevering.

Sheep pen at the fair.

By about 3:00 Kirby was very hot and tired, but she hung in there.

Boy napping in wagon at state fair.

Fortunately Kasen finally fell asleep.

Cleaning Jacob lamb before showing.

Kirby perked up when it came time to get the sheep ready for the show.

Kirby with Jacob lamb
Getting sheep ready for show at california state fair.

It was all-hands-on-deck to get all the sheep ready.

Kirby and Jacob lamb

Kirby amused herself by finding a ticklish spot on this lamb that, when touched, made the lamb wiggle her tail.

Ready to show Jacob sheep

Time to go to the show. I don’t have any photos of the actual show. I’d like to brag about my Champion banners and ribbons (Champion Ram, Champion Ewe, Reserve Champion Ram and Ewe) but there were not many competitors…and they were all kids. It kind of makes me feel like a bully. However my friends have reminded me that I was there once too and I’ve worked hard to get my sheep to where they are.

Sheep show at CA State Fair

Kirby’s lamb was placed fourth and Kirby was thrilled with a PINK ribbon!

Petting horse at California State Fair.

After the show was over we saw a pretty horse to pet,…

Eating ic cream on a hot afternoon at the Californnia state fair.

…ate ice cream,

Riding a horse at the fair.

…and found a horse to ride. Then it was time for the kids to go home. Fair time isn’t quite as much fun time when it is so hot (105 that day and the high was right about while we were in the show ring).

Best Marketing Program at California State Fair

On Sunday I took the Champion Ram and Ewe to the show ring for the Supreme Champion competition. It is in between those two classes that they announce the award winner of the Marketing competition. We won that as well as Best Program Directed at the General Public. We also won Herdsman and Best Educational Presentation.

Best Marketing Program at California State Fair.

Another view of those ribbons.

Awards at California State Fair.

Here are all the banners and ribbons for 2019.