Ohio Trip, 2019- A Preview

I usually like to go through all my photos from from a trip, organizing and editing, and then write my blog posts in order. This is an exception. I have figured out how to write a blog post on my iPad but I don’t have access to the photos from my Nikon. So I am writing this post as an experiment to see how this iPad app works. These are some of today’s photos from my phone with no editing.

View from mohican  state park fire tower

View from the Fire Tower in Mohican State Park, about a half hour southwest of Wooster where I am staying.

Big lyons waterfall in mohican state park

Underneath Big Lyons Waterfall. I joined all the kids by walking through it. I took my shoes off however so I wouldn’t have wet feet all day.

Green mushroom in mohican state park

Isn’t this a crazy mushroom I saw on the trail?

Antique tool store in millersburg ohio

After hiking for a few hours I drove to Millersburg and walked in the touristy downtown area. This was one of my favorite stores—alcoves filled with old furniture and hundreds of hand tools.

Flax tools

After I correctly identified these tools as being used for processing flax the owner and I started talking about textiles and he encouraged me to go to the Hotel Millersburg to see their quilts.

Quilts at hotel millersburg in ohio

I found that this hotel is known as a Quilters’ Retreat and they regularly accommodate groups of quilters.

The plaid sheep in berlin, ohio

I drove on to the next town, Berlin, and found The Plaid Sheep.

Wool fabric at the plaid sheep in berlin, ohio

I’ve been in fabric stores and quilting stores but have never seen one with the selection of wool fabrics that I saw here. They have hundreds of patterns for rug hooking, appliqué, and quilting and they focus on wool fabric!

Farms near winesburg ohio

It was almost 6:00 by the time I was driving back to Wooster. I took the back roads because I am fascinated seeing this beautiful country—very small town separated by farm after farm with big barns and fields of corn.

Horse and buggy in homes county, ohio

It was sure a different experience to see horses and buggies on the roads.

I’ll be here through Sunday and will have a sheep report tomorrow.