Lambs Getting Big

I have been taking photos to update the Ewe Lambs For Sale and Ram Lambs for Sale pages.

Jacob ewe and twins

Do you think Jade’s lambs are too big to be nursing?

Jacob ewe and twins

Or Ginger’s?

jacob ewe and twin lambs

Foxglove and her lambs. They are all two to three months old now and can be weaned. I usually don’t wean until about three or even four months. If I wait a little longer it’s easier to dry off the ewes.

Jacob ewe lambs

These are the first two lambs born at the end of February. I plan to keep the ewe lamb on the right. There are a few this year with horns like the ewe on the left. I don’t have enough space to keep sheep around to see how they’d turn out given time. I’d call this ewe a cull at this point from the standpoint of her horns.

Ram lamb with poor horns.

Speaking of culls, this is what happens when ram lambs’ horns are too close at the base.

Lilac ram lamb

Here is a lilac ram with very nice horns so far. He is the last lamb born this year.

Jacob-bfl cross lamb

No horns to worry about with these guys. Who wants horns when you have ears like that? This is a 75% BFL-25% Jacob wether.

Jacob ram, Axle

This is Meridian Axle, born last March. Love his horns.