Meet the Sheep

Our annual Open House, Meet the Sheep, was almost four weeks ago now but better late than never for photos.

Farm Club at Meet the Sheep

Farm Club members came early to help move sheep into pens, hang signs, and get organized.

Farm Club members

This is the Saturday crew.

Meet the Sheep

Ready for people to visit.

Nubian goat

The goats had their own pen and were ready for attention.

Jacob ewe, Jade

This may be one of Jade’s favorite days of the year because she gets petted all day.

Fiber Confections Yarn

Colleen set up her Fiber Confections booth. Colleen and I have been doing some version of Meet the Sheep together for over ten years.

Gynna Made socks

Gynna brought her socks for sale.

Combing wool

Farm Club members demonstrated fiber processing and spinning. Susan set up combs.

Wool combing demo.

So did Doris.

Spinning demonstration

Susan and others spun and talked to lots of people about all the fiber crafts.

Meet the Sheep parking attendant

Dan wore a different hat today (figuratively). Parking Attendant.

Farm Club member with lamb

Amy and several Farm Club members helped with lambs to pet.

Farm Club member with lamb

Alora was in the lamb pen also.

Farm Club at Meet the Sheep

Meet the Sheep is now two days. This is the Sunday group.

Meet the Sheep and farm club

Sunday morning started slow and Farm Club members put their social media skills to good use while waiting for our attendees to arrive.

Alison drawing sheep

Alison brought her new pencils and drawing pad and spent the day sketching.

Demonstrating on a rigid heddle loom.

Marina worked on her rigid heddle loom all day.

Spinning fleece in the barn

Jane spent time in the barn showing how a fleece is skirted and what spinning is all about.

Public petting Jacob lamb.

Deborah answered questions in the sheep pen.

Boy watching the rams.

Everyone wants to see the rams but we don’t want people to be too close to the fence.

Bottle feeding lamb

One of the big hits of both days was feeding the bottle lamb. There were plenty of willing lamb feeders. We’re looking forward to April, 2020.