The Lambing Game

It is time to play The Lambing Game. I set this up for Farm Club members to vie for fame and glory (and a $10 certificate for the shop) but I’m going to have an additional $10 prize for non-Farm Club members—those of you that read the blog or see this on Facebook or Instagram. How do you win? Choose, from the photos below, the first ewe to lamb. Tie-breakers are chosen by the answers to the rest of the questions. Comment here or email me ( ) with your answers to these questions:

Which ewe?
How many lambs?
Time of lambing?

Farm Club members have the advantage of access to the list of breeding dates, although not all these sheep have a breeding date (remind me not to use yellow ram markers again).


This is Meridian Anise (above)


Bezas Aphrodite. She is one of the ewes “rescue sheep” from Pope Valley that I got last spring.


Windy Acres Bronagh.


Shadow Mountain Shelby.


Meridian Sonata.


Meridian Sumac on the left and Meridian Vixen on the right.


Meridian Sylvia


bide a wee Trista

OK, That’s it! GAME ON!