I know that many people would laugh when I talk about 3” being a lot of rain, but for us to get 3” in one storm is something to talk about. Our average annual rainfall is about 24” (except for the recent drought years).


This rain, plus the rainfall in December, filled Lake Meridian. (right)


I didn’t see any movement of water through the culvert that is south of the barn until I started digging at the end of the culvert. The ground squirrels had blocked the entrance and there was dirt about two feet into the culvert.


Digging a ditch from the ram pen into the pasture ditch helps move the water from the area around the barn. I just have to make sure that I fill that ditch up and pack the dirt well during irrigation season or the irrigation water will flood the corrals.


No complaints here. We need the rain and the mountains need the snow that has been falling.


Digging a ditch all the way from the “lake” to the pasture helps reduce the water behind the barn.


It is gratifying to see water movement.