New Year - New Blog

I almost titled this Moving Day. I have spent time the last couple of days figuring out how to move my blog from WordPress to this new home (and whether or not I should move it). I started my blog January, 2008! Ten years ago! I feel very protective of that blog. I know it’s out there for the public to see, but it’s really my personal photo album/scrapbook. I love having digital memories. The old paper albums languish on the shelf and are covered with dust and the photos deteriorate. I love that when I scan photos (and recently kid’s drawings) they come to life so much more…and the added benefit is that I don’t have as much STUFF around.

There has been no rain lately so the ditches are dry.

So, if you have been on my mailing list for website stuff but haven’t seen the blog here is an introduction. I feature sheep, weaving, farm life, and things I’m doing. It’s usually mostly photos and not as much text. If you’re going to believe that then I guess I’d better start adding some photos.

I’m going to be experimenting with blog formats until I figure out what I like.

It’s New Year’s Day. I took the dogs Across the Road. I didn’t take my camera but used the iPhone for photos. Usually Rusty writes the blog posts about Across the Road but it’s my turn today. Rusty’s blogs are still over there on Wordpress and I’m not sure when I’ll move them.


There has been no rain so the ditches are dry.

Raccoon tracks.

Raccoon tracks.


Here is what happens when people drive over here when it is wet.


As usual Ginny has eyes only for the ball and Rusty just wants to chase Ginny. Rusty will be 13 in April and he’s doing pretty well. A few years ago I couldn’t take him Across the Road anymore because his hips were so arthritic. The combination of losing weight and using the right drug has let him continue to enjoy his life.


This road cuts through the alfalfa field. That is Mt. Diablo at the end of the road (50 miles away).


Ginny has this habit of dropping the ball down any embankment. I don’t know if she thinks that she’s playing with me because I’ll go get it (I don’t) or if she is entertaining herself.

She went to retrieve the ball.

She went to retrieve the ball.


Dropping the ball into the cement canal.

Waiting for me to get it.

Waiting for me to get it.


She has to get it herself.


If it’s on the road I’ll pick it up and throw it.


Ginny found a place to cool off.


We headed back on the road near the big canal but then Ginny saw a rabbit and chased it about 1/2 mile, across the alfalfa and up this road. I walked part of that way looking for the ball that I knew she had dropped but didn’t find it. We all walked back to where we had started but that tennis ball is somewhere in the alfalfa field. Another ball gone.