Mix It Up - Weave A Mixed Warp Scarf in a Day

Mix It Up - Weave A Mixed Warp Scarf in a Day


Do you love those woven fabrics with lots of wild yarns, but don't know where to start? Create a unique light-weight scarf and learn how to combine yarns--fine, heavy, smooth, slubby, ribbon, metallic, hairy, and more AND learn how to wind a warp with a paddle. Imagine, wind 4 or 5 passes on the warping frame and your warp is finished! Warp the loom in the morning and weave the scarf in the afternoon. 

Class size: 2-4 students

Experience: You must have basic weaving experience even if you have woven only one piece (or taken the Learn to Weave class). 

Price: $100 plus materials

Materials fee: $20 for all yarn.

This class isn’t currently scheduled. Email Robin to get on a list or to schedule a class.

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