Jacob Wool - What do I do with a spotted fleece?


Jacob Wool - What do I do with a spotted fleece?

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1 to 2 day Workshop
Learn how to work with a Jacob fleece, from choosing a fleece, mixing or sorting wool, fiber prep, yarn design, and fabric design. Learn first about skirting and sorting Jacob fleeces. We'll discuss micron measurements, problem fleeces, and how to choose a fleece to buy. You will learn to wash wool and how to choose the best processing method for a spotted fleece. You will card, flick or comb and spin a variety of color combinations from your pre-washed fleece. I will also have examples and slides of finished products on hand, so you can see the beautiful versatility of my favorite breed.

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Experience: Able to spin singles yarn.
Materials fee: $25 (6 ounces of greasy fleece, 6 ounces of scoured fleece).
Bring: Spinning wheel and bobbins, drum carder or handcards and/or combs and/or flicker (the more items you bring the more options you have for working with your wool), 2 dishpans or 2  buckets for washing wool, colander for moving wet wool, 2 (at least) bath towels, fabric or towel for spreading out wet wool.
Classroom needs: Hot water. Preferably a kitchen where we can work with wet wool if it's raining outside. Data projector would be great but not required.

 This class is best taught in the spring when I have fresh fleeces available. That means mid-February after shearing but before lambing starts or in April/May before I ship my wool. 
In a one-day class there won't be much time for spinning--we'll work mostly on skirting, washing, fiber prep. A day and a half or two days gives more time for spinning. 
A limited number of fleeces will be available for purchase.