Learn to Weave - Floor Loom

learn to weave class
learn to weave class
learn to weave class
learn to weave class
learn to weave class
learn to weave class

Learn to Weave - Floor Loom


Learn all the steps of weaving in a two-day class! You will learn how to plan a weaving project, prepare the warp, thread the loom, and weave plain weave and twill variations. You will learn to read weaving drafts and make color and threading decisions. After you finish this class you will understand enough weaving terminology to follow project instructions in the popular weaving magazines or to design your own pieces. Even if you have done a bit of weaving you will find this class helpful to reinforce your warping skills and learn efficient weaving techniques. You will weave on 4-shaft floor looms using locally grown wool yarn and finish the weekend with a 2-yard sampler (that you may choose to use as a table runner or scarf).

Student feedback:
"Thank you for an amazing two days of learning. I appreciate your skill and patience helping me learn to weave." Lorri 

"We had SUCH A GREAT TIME! Robin is a fabulous, giving, caring teacher! If you have thought of taking this class, I urge you not to pass GO and collect $200, but go straight to the class. You won't be sorry for your time and effort." Laurie

"I’m so glad I signed up for your class. Your classes always inspire me." Yolanda

"I searched for 'Best Weaving Class in America' and found Meridian Jacobs. I am not disappointed." Leslie

Class size: 2-4 students
Experience: None required.
Materials included: Yarn and handouts.

Next classes:
M/T October 28-29, 2019
M/T November 18-19, 2019

If minimum number of students isn't met one week prior to class date the class may be cancelled. Your money will be refunded or applied to a future class.

If you can’t make one of the listed dates e-mail Robin to get on the list for a future class.

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Pencil with eraser
Tape measure
Lunch (may use refrigerator and microwave in house)

If you want to use your own loom make sure to bring all the sticks, shuttles, etc that go with it. Also bring paper for winding your warp (paper grocery bags work fine.)

NOTE: Most people treadle the loom with shoes off so bring warm socks if it’s winter. Even when we run the heaters the floor can be cold.