Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

About our wool

"A couple of weeks ago I came to your farm and bought a fleece. I washed it this weekend and it turned out wonderful! The wool is very soft and fluffy and just gorgeous. I am very excited. This is my first fleece and I just started spinning several weeks ago. For the first time ever I have an addiction. Thanks again so much for raising such lovely sheep! I will be back for more wool."  Ellen in Oakland

"I received your box and i am thrilled with the quality and crimp of Sophie's fleece."  Addie

"Just received my fiber shipment today....it is absolutely gorgeous, so of the loveliest Jacob I've ever seen."  Elizabeth from Montana

About our classes

"I’m so glad I signed up for your class. Your classes always inspire me."  Yolanda from Fairfield, CA

"We had SUCH A GREAT TIME! Robin is a fabulous, giving, caring teacher! If you have "thought" of taking this class, I urge you not to pass GO and collect $200, but go straight to the class. You won't be sorry for your time and effort."  Lori in Sacramento, CA

"I just love your classes. I learn so much from you and the talented women you surround yourself with. Thank you."  Kathi from Sacramento, CA

"Thank you for an amazing two days of learning. I appreciate your skill and patience helping me learn to weave."  Lorri

About our handwovens
"Absolutely gorgeous! I still have the pink one [baby blanket] you made me 26 years ago for my baby girl!"  Joyce from Boise, ID

"I still have Becky's pink baby blanket (she's 25) & its still in beautiful condition."  Sue in southern California

" My daughter loves her wedding shawl!! She says it's the most beautiful shawl she has ever seen!!  That's a compliment from my very fussy and stylish daughter!"  Yolanda from Fairfield, CA 

"Thanks so much for the beautiful scarf you sent. It is so soft and comfortable. I wear it all the time. Having your scarf is almost like a feeling of security."  Susan from Safford, AZ

"Just have to let you know my husband purchased one of your blankets from The Artery as a Christmas gift for me. I’m enjoying it so much! My best post-Christmas moments have been spent curled up under the blanket reading a good book. Thanks!"  Margaret from Rio Vista

About our lamb

"Thanks so much! Everyone loves the meat. I thought Ahmed was easy to work with and his shop is meticulously clean."  Michele from Sacramento, CA

About our sheep

"Glad to have found your site. I purchased my ewe lamb "Liberty" from you a couple of years ago, sight unseen really, off the internet. I was thrilled when she was delivered. She is wonderful and I highly recommend you!"  Lori from southern CA