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Step into luxury by putting a soft sheepskin on the floor next to your bed. Snuggle into a lambskin on the back of the couch. Try a lambskin on your weaving bench, piano bench, or folding chair or under your desk in the winter. A lambskin on your car seat will keep you warm in the winter and cooler in the summer and avoid that 'shocking' experience (static electricity) you may have when sliding out of a car seat. A lambskin makes a great gift for a new mom--luxury for her on her rocking chair or comfort for baby under the crib sheet. Elderly friends or family members will also relish the warmth and softness of a lambskin in a favorite chair or on the couch. (Some of my friends' parents swear that Jacob lambskins have medicinal qualities!) 

Our spotted sheepskins are from the Jacob sheep that are marketed for meat. The black lambskins are from the Jacob x Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) lambs or from a neighbor's Romeldale sheep. Their wool is black but the tips are sun-bleached to brown. After harvest the sheepskins are salted, dried, and send to a tanner. Currently we have hides that have been processed at two facilities. Those that were tanned in San Francisco may be spot cleaned but not immersed in water. Sheepskins tanned in Pennsylvania are machine washable. Click to learn how to care for your sheepskin.

 Each lambskin is unique in it's color pattern and texture. Check out all of them!

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Brown Lambskin, washable #P1626