Gourmet Lamb


This item is not available for purchase online. Please call 707-688-3493 to order.
Each spring 80 to 90 lambs are born in our Jacob flock. Some lambs will go to other breeders, to spinners' flocks, or stay here as flock replacements. The rest are sold as grass-fed gourmet lamb. Our lamb is tender and mild. Many people who think they don't like lamb become converts after eating our lamb, even without any seasoning, right off the grill.

 Lambs reach butcher weight (65-100 lbs) and are harvested in July through September. Some lambs have been castrated and can remain with the ewes on pasture until they are sold. Those who were not castrated are removed from the ewe flock at four months old and moved to a smaller field where they are supplemented with alfalfa. They are not fed grain.

When it is time for butcher I take lambs to Nature's Bounty, just 4 miles from here. You pick up fresh meat that is boxed, but not individually packaged. You can sort the meat and package it in a way that makes sense for your freezer and your family. I like to use the FoodSaver vacuum sealer.

If you want to order a lamb contact me by phone (707-688-3493) or email. When I have a group of lambs that are ready I contact those on my customer list to arrange a date suitable for all. I try to consolidate the schedule into 3 or 4 deliveries between July and September. I deliver the group of lambs to Nature's Bounty early in the week and you, the customer, call Ahmad to discuss butcher instructions. Meat is ready to be picked up on Friday or Saturday. You pay Nature's Bounty for the processing ($ 65) at that time. 

I weigh the lambs on the day I deliver them to Nature's Bounty and you are charged at that time. The 2018 price is $ 2.50/pound. Lambs will weigh between 65 and 100 pounds and you can request a lamb in a certain weight range (Small 65-75 lbs; Medium 76-85 lbs; Large 86-100 lbs). Count on about 40%-45% of that weight to be returned as meat (65 pound lamb returns 26-29 pounds of meat; 100 pound lamb returns 40-45 pounds of meat. You may also choose to take the offal and/or the head from the lamb. The photos show the harvest from a 100 pound yearling. These give you an idea of what to expect when you pick up the meat and how much room the meat takes up. Each box in the photos holds half the meat from that 100-pound sheep and one photo shows half the meat on a broiler tray. Ahmad will split the lamb if you and a friend each want to buy half. You are buying the meat, but weighing the live lamb is the best way I have to charge fairly. I retain ownership of the hide. I WILL DO MY BEST TO MATCH LAMB WEIGHTS WITH CUSTOMER REQUESTS BUT I CANNOT GUARANTEE YOU WILL GET A SPECIFIC SIZE IF YOU WAIT UNTIL THE LATER DELIVERIES.

Nature's Bounty is located at 5634 Weber Rd., Vacaville.  Phone: 707-693-0908 (office) or 707-761-3700 (Ahmad's cell)  Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 9-4. You can also purchase farm-raised eggs and honey while you are there.