Anderson Ranch 2-ply Sport Yarn


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Anderson Ranch wool yarn.
The basics:
Skeins: 2 oz, approximately 183 yds
Cones: 2+ pounds, but will wind off to 1 or 2 pounds.
Approximately 1462 yards/pound

Exclusive! Locally grown wool yarn from the Anderson Ranch in Solano County, California. Our new Anderson Ranch yarn is a beautiful creamy white 2-ply sport weight yarn. I selected 240 pounds of the finest wool on the Anderson's shearing day. I skirted fleeces and shipped the wool to Mountain Meadow Wool in Wyoming where it was scoured, carded, and spun. There is a minor amount of vegetable matter in the yarn because Mountain Meadow does not use any chemical process to remove it. I sent samples for micron testing and the average fiber diameter was a soft 23.8 microns. This yarn averages 1462 yards/lb and is available on cones and in skeins.

The yarn has not been washed and looks and feels very different than it will be after finishing. If you base your knitted or woven projects on measurements taken from the coned yarn or an unwashed skein, you'll be fooled. I got 18 WPI when measuring yarn right from the cone and 14 WPI when measuring washed yarn. You will want to base your weaving calculations and sett on the washed wool. I have been weaving at a sett of 8 epi in lace and twill patterns and the finished slightly fulled pieces have wonderful drape and softness. If you plan to knit with this yarn I would wash it first. Just soaking in water and then drying is enough to let the yarn will bloom and see what it is like in it's finished state. In photo of skeins, upper skein has been washed.

Story of the Anderson Ranch:
Margaret and Ian Anderson farm land in Birds Landing, California that Ian’s great grandfather settled in the late 19th century. While Ian’s  great grandfather raised only sheep and grain the modern ranch is a diversified farming operation growing hay, grain, and cattle as well as sheep. The original sheep on the ranch were mostly Corriedale but today’s 3000+ breeding ewes are a blend of Corriedale, Polypay, and Rambouillet breeding and produce a beautiful soft fiber.