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The Farm Club is an important part of Meridian Jacobs Farm. Farm Club members support our farm by purchasing memberships, helping with seasonal tasks and at farm events, and with their commitment to our farm and sheep. Even people who do not live close to the farm have joined and are a welcome part of our on-line community. Click to see a Farm Club Video and Photo Gallery.

Farm Club members can choose from one of six membership types depending on the farm products they want. Members get hands-on learning at the farm (4 scheduled Farm Days each year and numerous others during lambing season and as farm tasks come up). They also help at our seasonal Open House events and off-farm events. In addition Farm Club members get:
*10% off classes during the membership year
*Free attendance at Sheep Handling and Management class held in the spring
*Logo item (cap, apron, bag, t-shirt, or mug)
*Farm product based on membership type

Farm Club members are introduced to the farm with a Cast of Characters (info & photos of all our sheep) and a Farm Map. They get a behind-the-scenes look and keep up with the day-to-day activities of the farm and fiber shop by receiving Farm Journal e-mails. Sometimes these are very brief but other times they are in depth about topics that range from lambing issues to weed control to the spinning the best yarn for a blanket. Lambing Journals are e-mailed daily through lambing season. See the product listings for specifics about membership type.

"I just want to say a huge thank you for figuring out a way to share the fun of being a shepherd with those of us who will never have a flock of sheep. Yesterday was SERIOUSLY FUN! I am still smiling about what a good time I had." K.H.

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