Spotted Lambskin V936 - FREE SHIPPING


Spotted Lambskin V936 - FREE SHIPPING


Luxurious and soft lambskins! Perfect for bare feet in the morning, on a cold chair or a hard bench, under the sheet in bed or in baby's crib, in your car. Replace your old under-the-sleeping-bag-pad with a thick, warm lambskin the next time you go camping. Some people swear that these lambskins have medicinal properties--maybe it's just that snuggling into a soft, cozy lambskin is so comforting and relaxing. Lambskins make great wedding or baby gifts. Details about Lambskin V936:

  • Lambskin from Jacob lamb grassfed at Meridian Jacobs farm in Vacaville.

  • Unique spotted pattern in cream and brown (lilac Jacob).

  • Sturdy leather backing.

  • Approximately 24" x 34".

  • Tanned in Vermont using naturally occurring tannin (an all vegetable process).

Washing instructions from the tannery:  For weekly freshening take your sheepsking outside and give it a thorough shake to remove any accumulated dust or lint. Air by draping over a shaded lawnchair--not in full sun or on a metal surface(which will react with tannin to cause discoloration). Brush the wool with a wide-tooth comb or pet brush, depending on the wool type and desired look. Spot cleaning: You can clean spills on the wool side without wetting the leather side. Use a soft sponge or cotton cloth and, if necessary, a very small amount of mild soap or shampoo. Be sure to wipe in one direction (scrubbing back and forth can felt the fibers). Rinse the area by wiping with a clean, wet sponge or cloth and allow to air dry thoroughly before combing or brushing.

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