Jacob Sheep Breeders Association Annual General Meeting

Information about our speakers is below, along with the menu. To see the schedule and register go  the JSBA website and click the link for registration materials.

AGM at Meridian Jacobs in Vacaville, California August 3-5, 2018

My husband and I and our Farm Club are excited about hosting this year’s AGM at our farm in California. We hope that we have put together a program that will entice people to travel the distance to join us. Be sure to look at the schedule listed in the registration packet, but I want to give more information about our speakers (and our menu) here.

Martin Dally is well known as a sheep and wool judge who understands Jacob sheep. He judges all breeds at some of the most prestigious shows in the country. He and his wife also operate Super Sires Ltd and import semen of rare breeds from all over the world. They have a farm in Oregon that is home to 150 registered ewes.

Martin will discuss several wool related topics including how sheep husbandry relates to wool growth and production, genetic influences on wool traits, and details specific to Jacob sheep.

Susan Gandy, Medical Technologist, American Society of Clinical Pathology, will explain how to do “Fecal Analysis at the Farm”, discussing and demonstrating the equipment needed and how to identify parasite load in your flock or individual animals.

Dave Pratt is one of the most sought after speakers on sustainable agriculture and profitable ranching in the world today. He has taught the Ranching for Profit School in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Australia and Africa and is known for innovative teaching with a practical edge. Dave is also author of Healthy Land, Happy Families and Profitable Business. Dr. Stan Parsons, founder of Ranch Management Consultants proclaimed, "this is the best book ever written about ranching."

Dave will talk about “Productive, Profitable Pastures”: Want to get more out of your pastures with out seeding, spreading, spraying or spending? After an hour with Dave Pratt you'll know how evaluate the health of your pastures and understand why most grazing rotations are really overgrazing rotations. Dave will show you how to make your pastures more productive and profitable without spending any money on seed, fertilizer or herbicide. Warning: By the end of his workshop you will never look at your pasture they same way again.

Dr. Joan Dean Rowe holds DVM, MPVM, and PhD degrees from the University of California, Davis and is a faculty member working primarily with dairy cattle, goats, and sheep. She is a past president of the American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners and is a recipient of the AASRP Donald E. Bailey Practitioner of the Year Award. She is a Professor in the Department of Population Health and Reproduction.

Dr. Rowe will present “Lambing and Sheep Obstetrics”. Learn about normal gestation and lambing, how to tell when intervention is necessary, and what to do about it.

Stephany Wilkes became a UC-certified sheep shearer and ASI-certified Level I wool classer in 2013. She has since practiced both skills throughout the Northern California Fibershed and beyond, and will do so for as long as she is able. Stephany cultivates a dye garden, knits, spins, and offers fiber classes and workshops at yarn shops, festivals, and schools, to help people learn more about where their clothes come from. Stephany is also an experienced business strategist, analyst, and investor. She founded and owns West by Midwest, a small company that provides research and business planning services. Stephany writes frequently about agriculture and textiles: She is a regular contributor for both The Ag Mag and Hobby Farms, and her book, Raw Material, Working Wool in the West will be published in October 2018.

Stephany will co-present opening remarks on Friday evening, telling a bit of her story about moving from the Tech World to the Sheep World.

JSBA Members. The speakers above are our non-JSBA member speakers. In addition, Inspectors and other Jacob breeders will present topics related to Jacob Sheep registration and management.


Our Friday night meal highlights the agricultural bounty of California’s Central Valley and celebrates the “Farm-to-Fork” concept. Grilled lamb (from the farm), solar-oven ratatouille and rice, local corn on the cob, local tomatoes in leafy salad, watermelon, handmade peach ice cream and brownies. Iced tea.

“Breakfast scramble” Eggs, potatoes, and sausage in a delectable and wholesome one-pan

meal; pastries. OJ and coffee.
Lunch will be make-your-own deli-style sandwiches.

Dinner is southwestern style cuisine prepared by locally based Dos Coyotes. Their website says: “Technically you can eat a Dos Coyotes burrito with your hands, but unless your mouth is the size of a small melon, we recommend a knife and fork. These are one pound+ monsters, filled with all the amazing things that make burritos so... burrito-ful.”
Home-made dessert.

ee and baked goods.