A field trip to the farm can be a fun and rewarding educational experience for your Scout, 4-H, or school group or for a group of knitters. We will personalize your Field Trip to best meet the interest of your group. Contact us by e-mail or phone 707-688-3493.

  • Visit with sheep. Learn about Jacob sheep and sheep management. Discuss animal handling techniques. Lots of time for questions. Hand-feed sheep. Sheep to pet.
  • Pet Amaryllis, the donkey, and her two goat friends.
  • Wool. Learn how to skirt a fleece. Feel greasy and clean wool. Discuss wool characteristics and how to choose a fleece to spin. Discuss how sheep and pasture management determines fleece quality.
  • Sheep dog demonstration. Watch our Border collies, Rusty and/or Ginny, work sheep. Learn the role of a herding dog versus a guardian dog.
  • Chickens. Pet a chicken. Very small groups may be able to go in the chicken hoMeridian Jacobs-field trip-Border collieuse and check for eggs (no eggs in the winter months).
  • Pasture walk. (Depends on season.) Look at pasture plants. Discuss grazing principles including grazing intensive management). Demonstrate fencing & water systems.
  • Spinning. Watch how fiber is carded and then spun into yarn. Children may take home a bit of fiber or a piece of handspun yarn.
  • Weaving: Watch weaving on a small loom. Depending on ages and size of group, children may be able to weave a small amount. Small groups (or larger groups split up) will be able to see a demonstration on the larger looms if they are warped (set up for weaving). Sale items. See handwoven items, yarn, fiber, sheepskins, buttons, etc for sale.
  • Camera
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Hand-wipes. (There are hand-wipes in the porta-potty, but you may want your own if you have brought food.)
  • Appropriate clothing. We are outside and it may be hot or cold or windy. Wear layers. Wear a knit hat for cold weather, a cap or visor for sunny days.
  • Shoes that can get dirty. There are no sidewalks. If it has been raining there will be puddles and wet dirt.
  • This is a working farm. There are hazards. Children must stay with adult chaperones at all times. No one may wander away from the group (other than to use the porta-potty—an adult to accompany children).
  • Animals are given respect at all times. No yelling, poking, chasing, etc.
  • There is a porta-potty unit near the driveway. Hand-wipes and hand sanitizer are provided. There is no running water there.
  • You may bring snacks, but EVERYONE MUST CLEAN THEIR HANDS BEFORE EATING. Bring hand-wipes or hand sanitizer or use the items provided at the porta-potty. Adults, please make sure that children clean their hands after petting animals.
PRICE: $5/person for everyone 2 years and up or a minimum of $60. Field trips are 2 hours unless previously arranged. There probably isn’t time for all the activities listed above. Appropriate activities will depend on age and number of children (and field trip leader’s interest).

Contact us by e-mail or phone 707-688-3493.