We offer small, personalized classes in
spinning and weaving. 

If you see a class you want but can't make the scheduled date email me to get on a list for that class. Or find a friend and I'll set up a class at a convenient time.

Classes at a Glance - 2017
 Sheep Handling and Management  Friday, August 25 
 Learn to Weave - Floor Loom S/S August 26-27
 Color on the Loom M/T Sept. 18-19
Learn to Weave-Rigid Heddle Loom M Nov. 13
 Weave a Chenille Scarf W/Th Nov. 15-16
Wednesday Weaving Workshop
Summer 2017 Schedule  
Check back to make sure dates haven't changed.  
August 1 (Tuesday)
August 23
September 6  
 September 20  


Weave your own luxurious rayon chenille scarf and learn the tricks of working with this somewhat challenging yarn.

Cost: $ 230.00
Weave a scarf using several different fun yarns and learn to use a paddle to wind your warp.

Cost: $ 120.00
Weave a scarf while exploring how colors interact with each other on and off the loom and how different weave structures impact color.

Cost: $ 180.00
Learn how to weave using your handspun yarn and how to spin with weaving in mind.

Cost: $ 200.00
Learn double weave while creating a unique v-shaped shawl.

Cost: $ 200.00
Weave a scarf or table runner while learning to weave on the rigid heddle loom.

Cost: $ 100.00
Learn about weaving while weaving a rag table mat using a rigid heddle loom.

Cost: $ 55.00