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Unicorn Fibre Wash     

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Unicorn Fibre Wash cleans and restores luster and softness to all natural fibers including cashmere, alpaca, merino wool, mohair, quviut, and cotton. It is strong enough for rough and tumble outer-wear, yet gentle on the most delicate creation knit from luxury fibers. Fibre Wash is non-yellowing, reduces the "itch" factor, and eliminates odors. Fibre Wash comes in a 16 oz pump bottle.
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Manufacturer recommendations: Add the products below to about 2 gallons of warm or hot water. Use hot water for scouring and warm water for gentle cleaning. If you increase the amount of water you may need to increase the amount of cleaning product. Rinse with clean water using Fibre Rinse in the last rinse.

Fiber 2% Dosage 3% Dosage
1 lb greasy wool/mohair*01 Tbsp Power Scour & Fibre Rinse
1 lb dirty, non-oily alpaca, bison, cashmere*2 tsp Power Scour & Fibre Rinse0
1 lb Low, moderately dirty non-oily fiber*1 Tbsp Fibre Wash & Fibre Rinse0
Sweater1 tsp Fibre Wash & Fibre Rinse0

*May require additional wages with Power Scour or Fibre Wash at half the dosage as well as additional rinses. Fibre Rinse goes into the last rinse.
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