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Jacob Wool Yarn - Dark Gray - SOLD OUT     

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This 2-ply yarn is a blend of black, white, and gray fibers. It is a beautiful dark gray which will go well with the other Jacob yarns. Occasional flecks of light fiber add interest. The yarn is spun at a worsted weight of approximately 1000 yards/pound. Each skein is about 250 yards.

The yarn can be used in any pattern that calls for worsted weight yarn. Use it to knit, weave, or crochet caps, mittens, sweaters, shawls, blankets. Weavers, sett this yarn at 6-8 epi for plain weave and beat lightly for a light-weight scarf or 8-10 epi for twills or weaving blankets.

Buy all you need at one time. Next year's yarn will be different.

Order Information
Catalog number: JF-YS1110
Price: $20.00

Vendor: Meridian Jacobs

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