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Dyed Ashford Merino Sliver     

Merino wool is very soft with a closely spaced crimp. Spin a fine woollen yarn using the long draw or a worsted yarn using a short draw. Merino is ideal for super fine knitting, crochet and lacework. Available dyed or natural.

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Micron 22-24, Staple length approx. 7.5cm (3ins)

Colors: Honey 035, Apricot 031, Cupcake 033, Lavender 034, Grape Jelly 008, Strawberry Shortcake 012, Raspberry 047, Ice-030, Blueberry Pie 013, Indigo 041, Lagoon 042, Spearmint 007, Mint 032, Green Tea 004, Bean Sprout 019, Cheesecake 003, Tangerine 048, Chocolate 020, Scarlet 028, Liquorice 014, White 091, Light Natural 092, Medium Natural 093, Dark Natural 094
Vendor: Ashford

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