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Farm Talk
Published: 5/8/2015

Wins at BSG!
Black Sheep Gathering is one of our most fun events to attend. I don't go as a vendor but with sheep. Many Farm Club members and other friends go and we meet up with a lot of other California and Oregon friends there. A road trip with sheep!

The weather this year was beautiful. It's always nice to get away from the valley heat in June. Meridian Jacobs was very successful this year with two nice awards. Meridian Nash, a ram lamb, won Champion Jacob ram and Meridian Jean, a yearling ewe, won Reserve Champion ewe!

I don't shop much (since I seem to live in a yarn store) but I did come home with new sheep coats to try out and I traded for a new lamb. Fun and successful trip, but I'm always glad to come over the last Oregon mountain and get that splendid view of Mt. Shasta.

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Photo: Farm Club members at Black Sheep Gathering.

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